Commonly Used Terms

The terminology listed below is commonly used in Basement Waterproofing.

block walls
cinder or concrete block held together with mortar

break out
removal of formed concrete

check valve
a one way valve allowing water to be pumped away without the possibiilty of back flow

clean fill
clean 2B stone which allows excellent water movement without dirt or debris

damp proofing
a coating or spray which protects against dampness

a large hole full of stone and gravel where a drain pipe can terminate (where grade and slope are insufficient)

level and stable base for the foundation walls to rest on

height and level of surrounding ground

tool used to "break out" the existing formed concrete floor

sheet drain, drain panel with tube or channels encouraging water flow

poured wall
concrete walls

pressure relief system
a sub-floor system consisting of stone and pipe which relieves trapped water directing it towards a collection or escape point

pump submerssible
a pump which operates even when totally under water. these pumps are more desireable than the pedestal type

rain leader
above or below ground extension to down spout from gutter

stone walls
stone of different varieties stacked on top of one another

sump pit
basin, usually a cylindical container with a bottom and lid which houses the pump

the act of moving dirt, stone, etc., to create a pathway for water to flow

water proof paint
a paint that can stop dampness and help where slight oozing is present

weep holes
1/2" diameter holes drilled into concrete or cinder block as a releif point for water