Waterproofing Products and Services

The following are examples of services we offer home owners and contractors. We offer a myriad of services which extend beyond basement waterproofing. If you do not find the service you are looking for please contact us so that we may assist you with your inquiry.

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Pressure Relief System

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The Pressure Relief System is the most effective system used in basement waterproofing. The system can be used on poured concrete, stone, and block walls. First, we break out the existing concrete slab around the edges of the basement. Next, we trench the break out deep enough to install the drain pipe.

Once the drain pipe is installed we drill weep holes at the bottom of the cinder block wall. Next, we install membrane over the drain pipe as well as along the bottom of the cinder block wall (over the weep holes). This allows the flow of water from the weep holes down to the drain pipe.

The drain pipe leads to the pit which contains the sump pump. PVC pipe is connected to the sump pump and run up the wall and outside to expell any water which builds up under the floor.

Lastly, we mix and pour new concrete over the trench and feather it out to a smooth finish. This system will prevent any water from pushing up from underneath the concrete floor as well as any water which may leak in through the cinder block walls.

Moisture and Air Quality Control System

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This sytem expels moist, polluted air, which is replaced by fresher, warmer, drier air. This airflow draws in surface moisture, ventilating the entire area and drying out the structure. As a result:

  • Reduction in mold and musty odors
  • Reduction in stagnant air
  • Reduction in costly structural damage
  • Reduction in window condensation

In addition, a home air exchange occurs as the polluted moist air is replaced with fresh outdoor replenishment air coming from the upstairs. As a result there is improved air quality, as well as:

  • Expulsion of trapped gases, chemicals and biological contaminents, especially radon
  • Creates a healthy air exchange 6 - 10 timeas a day
  • Reduction in allergens and respiratory ailments
  • Reduction in mites, roaches, and general infestation

The Moisture and Air Quality Control System includes these added benefits:

  • One Year Performance Guarantee
  • 10 Year Parts Warranty
  • Patented technology
  • Ventilates entire home
  • Pennies to run
  • No filters to clean or water to empty
  • No hot, noisy motors
  • Clean, neat installation

Sump Pit Installation

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Sump Pits can be installed solely as a means to collect water buildup under the concrete floor. Often times, the pit is accompanied by a drain pipe system and / or a sump pump. A sump pit is approximately 22" in circumference by 24" deep.

Sump Pump Installation

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Pumps are what keep the basement floor dry. They are critical to a successful system. A reliable, high quality pump is an investment.

Battery Back Up Installation

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Battery Back Ups can be installed for added prevention. The back up systems include an extra sump pump with a battery mounted nearby. The battery back-up only kicks in when the original pump fails. The system is equiped with a control panel and an alarm signal to keep you informed of the status of the pumps.

Wall Crack Repairs

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The least expensive method is the panel cover (first row of images above) where a thin vinyl sheet is placed over the crack. The floor below the crack is opened up and the vinyl is run down to the footer and membrane. The 12" x 12" floor opening is then repaired. The water coming though the crack is trapped behind behind the vinyl and released into the sub floor.

The other, more expensive, method is the crack injection type (second row of images above) where ports or tubes are attached to the wall every 10" to 12" over the crack. A two part product is then applied over the crack and base of each tube. This is followed by injection with a Jake Gun into the ports / tubes with a two part expanding material.

Floor Drain

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Typically used for outside entries like Bilco Doors.

Water Control Baseboard Systems

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Baseboard systems can be installed without invasive construction. Great for crawl spaces where working space is tight or for basement monopour floors where concrete is too thick for conventional breakout and removal techniques. This attractive baseboard is paintable and covers weepholes and critical joints where the floor meets the wall, containing water to release point.

Damp Wall Protection

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Clear penetrating masonry seal which retards moisture. Used on concrete or block foundations prior to backfilling. Terrific on permastone, stucco, dryvit, brick and man-made stone as a seal and protector. Works well indoors. No mess or smell when spraying basement walls. The product is paintable.

Extended Pump Warranty and Service Contracts

B.J. Fisher offers extended pump warranties as well as service contracts. Please contact us for more information.

New Construction

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B. J. Fisher Basement Waterproofing also works with local contractors and builders on New Construction. All of the same services we offer home owners are available for contractors and builders.